Movement of SPS Goods

Sanitary & Phytosanitary

This category covers live animals, plants & plant products, products of animal origin, and food of non-animal origin. These goods have an extra layer of complexity in that they they must also be cleared by the Department of Agriculture or the HSE, depending on the goods.

For SPS goods entering Ireland, a CHED (Common Health Entry Document) is typically required which is created in Traces. It is also usually necessary to give 24 hours notice to the Department of Agriculture so they can decide whether or not they wish to inspect the consignment.

The devil is in the detail for SPS imports, as they are examined in much greater detail by the authorities than non-SPS goods. Seemingly trivial matters, such as the Veterinary Certificate or Phytosanitary Certificate not being stamped properly, may be grounds for refusal for entry into Ireland. It is important that the documents are checked as early as possible so that any errors are detected in time for them to be remedied.

Eirclear regularly looks after the import & export of all types of SPS goods, and the experience we have built up allows us spot these issues early. We advise on the required registrations that must be in place and the costs that will be incurred.