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Welcome to Eirclear, Ireland’s premier Customs Clearance Agency. With extensive expertise in international trade, we specialize in facilitating smooth import and export operations for businesses in and out of Ireland, whether from the UK, Europe, or beyond.

As trusted Customs Clearance Agents, we handle all necessary documentation and payments on behalf of our clients to HMRC or Irish Revenue, ensuring a streamlined process for our clients.

At Eirclear, we take pride in delivering a top-notch service and support to a diverse clientele, ranging from large multinational corporations to local business owners.

As experienced Customs Clearance Agents, we provide expert guidance on specialized customs procedures. Recognizing that navigating the complexities of moving goods can be challenging, our team is here to assist you. With specialized knowledge across various industries, we offer tailored advice to meet your specific needs.

The impact of Brexit on the transportation of goods is felt by importers and exporters alike. If you’re grappling with the new processes, let us be your Customs Clearance Agent, where we will facilitate the smooth movement of goods between Northern Ireland, Ireland and the UK.

What Eirclear can do for you

✓ File customs declarations in Ireland & UK
✓ Facilitate goods movements through Northern Ireland
✓ Movement of SPS goods
✓ Facilitate Transit movements
✓ Advice on special customs procedures
✓ Clearance for all categories of goods
✓ Specialist knowledge of numerous product areas ✓ Competitive Pricing
✓ Streamlined Process

Customs Checklist

Unsure if you have the necessary information to file a customs declaration? Download our free and easy to use Customs checklist below.

Customs Clearance Agents Ireland FAQ

Below are a few commonly asked questions we get about Customs Clearance agents in Ireland.

What is the role of a Customs Agent in Ireland?

A Customs Clearance Agent in Ireland is a seasoned professional in international trade. Their responsibilities encompass the clearance of duties and documentation associated with the import and export of various goods. Throughout the process it is vital that the customs agent adheres to stringent customs regulations and state mandates.

How can a Customs Clearance Agent help me?

Our expertise extends to a variety of scenarios, with a notable service being the filing of customs declarations in both Ireland and the UK. Navigating the complexities of transporting goods post-Brexit can be challenging, and we are here to facilitate a smoother process for you.

What are SPS Goods?

SPS Goods are those which are subject to Sanitary and Phytosanitary Controls. These measures were brought in to protect animals, plants and public health. You will need a phytosanitary certificate to certify that the goods have been inspected. We can assist with the documentation needed to clear SPS Goods.

I need advice on the customs documentation. Can you help?

Yes. As customs clearance agents in Ireland, our primary role is to give advice to clients. We have years of experience in the field and can assist you in various ways. We can advise on special customs procedures which you may not have known about. Our advice can help you successfully transport your goods in a quick timeframe.

Can you help me import a car from the UK to Ireland?

Certainly. Importing cars from the UK to Ireland is a frequent request we handle. Many clients are uncertain about the required documentation, and we are here to assist in completing the necessary paperwork for the smooth entry of your car into Ireland. Our commitment extends to individuals as much as it does to businesses, so feel free to reach out with any queries.